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Our new Humicin™ tablets provide a more powerful humic and fulvic acid combination designed to deliver the most positive health effects of any supplement. This newly developed, highly concentrated formula supports you with more than four times the dietary ingredient over common liquid based product in a safe, vegetable based capsule.


Humicin™ tablets are a 100% natural product designed to deliver the most positive health effects of any Humic and Fulvic acid supplement.

Pure Humicin

The new Pure Humicin™ formula allows you to benefit from four times the humic and fulvic acid over common liquid based products in a portable, sterile, small capsule. Each serving contains 144 mg of pure fulvic acid and 106 mg of pure humic acid targeted ingredient. We don’t use any filler ingredients to alter the weight and potency of this supplement. Humicin™ contains highly purified forms of these dietary ingredients synthesized for maximum absorption by your body. Our newest formula now contains a higher concentration by volume. x” ingredients to hide the weight value of our potent ingredient and Humicin contains highly purified forms of these dietary ingredients synthesized for your body.”

Humicin Immune

As a part of the new line of potent Humicin supplements we created Humicin Immune. Humicin Immune is a powerhouse blend of humic fulvic acid and AFA algae. AFA is known to stimulate and support the immune system and is considered a “superfood” by dietary experts. Many people report increased resilience from AFA algae and humic and fulvic acid. The combination of these immune strengtheners in one supplement maximizes absorption and convenience. This supplement contains 400mg of AFA algae per serving. Fortify your system with broad spectrum immune support.

Humicin Boost™ 

The demands of life leave can leave you depleted and tired. Finding an energy boost that isn’t full of unnatural, harmful stimulants can be challenging. Our Humicin Boost™ formula steps up your energy level without the crash and negative side effects of other products. You can trust our blend of purely natural ingredients that you can read without a dictionary or chemistry degree. We created Humicin boost to be simple, effective and all natural. Energize yourself with all natural cayenne pepper blended with North Atlantic kelp powder combined with the health benefits of humic and fulvic acid.

Humicin Mood™ 

The things that cause stress in our lives are varied and often unpredictable. They range from personal relationships to our daily commute, and everything inbetween. However, the body responds to any stress by increasing cortisol levels, erratic hormone levels and the depletion of key nutrients. Stress is known to exacerbate nearly every other illness. Humicin Mood™ is designed to keep you in balance with 500 mg of Saint John’s Wort blended with 154 mg of humic acid and 106 mg of fulvic acid. Navigate life’s challenges naturally, from a center of peace and strength.

















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